April 1, 2019

multi-passionate mess.

sometimes i get an itch to create that is so overwhelming i have no choice but to write code, make several tiny pinch pots, and paint -- all at the same time. 'tis the season of messy floors and a messy mind. stuff is happening, though! we love some progress.

September 16, 2018

coping with stress through gratitude.

if you’re feeling stressed remember how blessed you are.

i know how cliché that sounds. but seriously, it works for me.

it helps to keep a gratitude journal, a place where you document everything that you’re grateful for. there isn’t a wrong way to do this. i like to write down around 10 things each night.

it really shifts your mindset and sheds some light.

maybe you're feeling stressed out and o…

August 31, 2018

the creative process // what's the hardest part?

if you claim that the creative process is a walk in the park, i claim you're full of it.

while it can be one of the most rewarding and exciting processes, it can also be terrifying.

creative process. what is it, exactly?

it's the way that people generate ideas, solve problems, etc.

this process is twisting, winding, unpredictable, and different for every individual.

my creative process va…

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