January 7, 2017

playin' around

i've been super inspired by an artist by the name of David Fullarton lately. his stuff is hilarious and amazing. he does collage-like illustrations, using a variety of different papers and colors.

appropriately labeled as "pictures with words on them", Fullarton often includes seemingly irrelevant and ridiculously funny excerpts next to his realistic, detailed drawings.

he uses a lot of graph paper (i LOVE graph paper, and i love you, David.), ripped notebook paper, crayon (maybe oil pastel?), graphite, masking tape. all kinds of stuff.

there's a whole lot goin' on in all of his pieces. they're super fun to look at, and will guarantee at least a few laughs.

i am particularly into his "apologies" series, which you can find here. they're all amazingly strange and lovely.

here's a little sneak peak at some of his stuff:

anyways, I  love the guy's work and today I made a piece that is loosely inspired by him.


   i was also simultaneously creating this thank-you note for a local graphic designer who was kind enough to let me hang out with him and do some work for his company. the card says thank you, but my kerning says that I should've just bought one at the store. 

thanks for stopping by :) go create something amazing! !! 

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