July 21, 2017

sodium vapor & woodcut relief prints

i stumbled across the amazing work of the late bryan nash gill on the interweb and i'm pretty much obsessed. so obsessed that i've dedicated a pinterest board to him already.

i'm particularly into his woodcut relief prints, but he also did a lot of really cool etchings, paintings, pastels, and sculptural work. mostly all of his work revolves around wood and other natural elements.

"Art is (or should be) an authentic experience, which brings you closer to understanding yourself in relation to your surroundings."

  -Bryan Nash Gill

i think that one of the most amazing and powerful things about art is that it outlives its maker. how cool is that? even once your physical body is gone from this earth, the things you created still stick around.

that's some powerful stuff.

so do yourself a favor and go check out the artistic footprint that bryan left behind:

+twitter: @BryanNashGill
+instagram: @BryanNashGill
+pinterest: @BryanNashGill

also here's a catchy song i found:

sodium vapor // lotus 

i've never heard of lotus but they seem kind of cool? i might be biased because i find yellowscreen particularly interesting- assuming that's what this song is referencing.

have a pleasant friday.

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