September 21, 2017

egon, ghoulishness, and yellow.

i've been spending way more time than i'd care to admit looking at egon schiele's landscapes. and i love them. and you should, too.

i love his whimsical style, which is just as interesting in his landscape pieces as it is his portraiture. 

his stuff is just so captivating! the color, the loose line work, everything. amazing. 

if you wanna check out more of his stuff, head on over to my pin board


here are some things from the interweb that i thought were pretty:

"yellow no. 17" // ivo stoyanov (his stuff is pretty cool- and he's on instagram)

art journal page // marie bortolotto


so i've been pretty into a group called Rainbow Kitten Surprise. (hear me out on this one.) this group of 5 gives from north carolina started up in 2013. they started out writing music in their college dorm room. start-up stories like that PUMP ME UP.

anyways, give these two songs a listen! you shan't regret it. if their band name alone doesn't fill you with the intense desire to listen to their music, maybe their exceptionally beautiful and intricate album art will?



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