September 23, 2017

We Need To Talk About All Of It.

i stumbled across the work of illustrator and graphic designer Diana Köhne. Like myself, Köhne studied communication design. 

(if you're unfamiliar with what communication design is, wikipedia explains it a lot better than I would.)

i love Köhne's style. her stuff is awesome. colorful. whimsical. according to her blog, each drawing starts as a "loose thrown-up pencil curl." 

check out her work, she's on instagram, too. 

how full of color and cuteness?! i just can't get over them.


i watched Lynne Ramsay's We Need to Talk About Kevin and I can't stop thinking about it. specifically all the red. 


so good. so much red. it's on netflix. i just made it so easy for you. you need to watch it. 


anelia pashova is an illustrator with an etsy shop. she sells the most adorable greeting cards that you definitely need. 

she also sells bags, notebooks, pins, brooches, custom portraits, and more. check out her work on instagram


ALSO Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie Stronger is officially out in theaters and it is definitely amazing and i am definitely not freaking out about it.  

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