November 12, 2017

crossing over into november

twilight zone's been on my brain lately. i spent a whole lot of time looking at rod serling's face (up close, and for many hours at a time) for a tv guide cover illustration project. 


i came across the work of raquel aparicio. her style is unique and fantastic. she uses mostly flat colors, but in a way that still captures a lot of detail.

i found these pieces, from her first illustrated book, to be particularly lovely. this book is compilation of Russian folk tales.



last month, i had the opportunity of having a shared gallery show with one of absolute favorite people, mary shriner. this was the gig poster:

mary & i found the juxtaposition of her spooky paintings and my whimsical ones to be ironically hilarious. but, we also find a lot of things funny that the general population does not.


excited to announce that a poster i designed will be on display at the MUMEDI Mexican Museum of Design, and later at the Museum of Lahti in Finland. 

the theme of this international poster contest, hosted by MUMEDI, was "To Death with a Smile. the subject matter was to depict death; and how we fear, celebrate, and deal with it. 

below is a photo of my finished design, which you can also find here:

20,000+ artists from 152 countries submitted designs.

out of all of these entires, 36 Kutztown Communication Design students were finalists. That's almost 7% of the chosen finalists.

i'm so grateful to be apart of Kutztown's Communication Design program, and to be surrounded daily by such awesomely talented students and educators.

my poster, along with all of the finalists', will be displayed at the MUMEDI Mexican Museum of Design in Mexico City from October 2017 through March 2018. Then, the exhibit travels over to the Museum of Lahti in Finland.


hey, well thanks for procrastinating with me. see ya around! 

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