December 1, 2017

to: you, from: the laudromat

i am typing this from the laundromat. it is a surprisingly peaceful setting. well, not literally peaceful. 

the guy next to me is washing sneakers and the washing machine is making gunshot noises. i'm actually not convinced that there isn't a gunfight happening inside of the machine. also, there is soap pouring out of said washing machine all over the floor of the laundromat.

he just said, out loud, to no one in particular, "maybe 3 cups of detergent was too much." 3 cups of detergent is absolutely too much. he is making no current effort to clean up the soap, which is rapidly accumulating on the floor.

so, by no means does this conform to the conventional use of the word peaceful. but, peaceful in the way that i am not coding a website, kerning out long paragraphs of type, or frantically busting out 93 thumbnails at 3 a.m.

don't get me wrong - i love doing all of those things. but sometimes it's nice to just leisurely type out a blog post while watching a stranger soak up a bunch of laundry detergent suds with handfuls of kleenex.

(update: that's what he's doing now. using kleenex.)


Robin Scott, who owns the diary of an empathrecently offered an amazing free workshop on life purpose. 

part of the workshop involved creating a vision board. for this vision board, we were supposed to find 9 photos that inspired us, and represented where we wanted to see ourselves this time next year.

this was a fun little goal setting exercise and i really like how mine turned out:


mustard yellow makes me happy. especially in winter, when it's only 5 p.m and dark outside. we could all use a little sunshine, so enjoy these random, beautiful bits of yellow from different corners of the internet.

Hanging planter / Mustard yellow  Felt planter / Macrame hanging pod / minimalist home decor / cactus vase / CHOOSE YOUR COLOR 
A bouquet of sunshine!Turn Back Prime Vegan Flat in Marigold


for all my succulent lovers: i found this awesome resource! it has a ton of great information on succulents and how to care for them. check it out here!

check out my latest playlist packed full of ~*feel good*~ songs. (creatively named, yes?)



this semester is almost over. it's been a hectic one - but a rewarding one, nonetheless. i'm pumped to have a little time to myself. (more free time = more art, more reading, & more writing!)

but in the meantime, thanks for catching up with me!

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