July 23, 2018

desk tour

hello, and welcome to my desk, my bliss station, a place of creative incubation¹. this morning, when i plopped down into my desk chair in the early morning, something hit me. i genuinely enjoy being at my desk (mostly). 

i always make sure my workspace is surrounded with things that inspire me. i love the mess of miscellaneous items, constantly helping me generate ideas.

currently, my desk is serving up a whole menu of interesting:

kasecircart desk tour studiokasecircart desk tour studio

kasecircart desk tour studio kasecircart desk tour studio

   kasecircart desk tour studio  kasecircart desk tour studio   

of course, this desk is no stranger to coffee. i'm a real sucker for pretty mugs. i just found this one recently.   

my dad got me this really cute andy warhol notepad. it's always laying around so i can jot down ridiculous ideas. 

i've typically always got some sort of work in progress project laying on my desk. this time, it's these small-scale, mixed media pieces i've been working on. 

admittedly, as much as i love this space, it's not always sunshine and smiles. while many beautiful ideas are born here, so are many frustrations. despite that, it is still one of my favorite spots. 

my current favorite book, you ask? the pocket book of boners, illustrated by dr. seuss. obviously. fortch and i made this incredible find at the local bookstore, firefly. we both thought it was amazing, so he lovingly bought it for me.  

my desk gets cluttered sometimes, but that is something i like about it. i resonate with that. 

my creative process is not clean, orderly, or perfect. so why should the space that hosts this process be that way? 

i come here to get stuff done, and that alone is inspiring to me. 

do you have a space designated to bringing forward your best ideas? tell me about it! 

1) are you guys familiar with austin kleon? he totally rocks. kleon, artist and writer, is definitely one of my favorite creative influencers. check out his stuff here.


  1. I was doing a bit of research on bliss stations and found your Instagram account. That lead me here! I am a big fan of mugs and pens. I hadn't thought to make my Bliss Station my desk, but that makes perfect sense now!

    1. Hey Terri! Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you are doing well and loving your bliss station!


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