August 31, 2018

the creative process // what's the hardest part?

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if you claim that the creative process is a walk in the park, i claim you're full of it. while it can be one of the most rewarding and exciting processes, it can also be terrifying.

the creative process. what is it, exactly? it's the way that people generate ideas, solve problems, etc.

this process is twisting, winding, unpredictable, and different for every individual. my creative process varies from project to project. it depends on what i'm working on.

some things that i do see repeatedly in my creative struggles, however, are difficulty starting & trouble deciding when to be done.

so i asked you guys: what do you find to be the hardest part of the creative process to be? starting? or deciding when you're done?

the final results:

out of 64 total voters

69% said starting a project is the most difficult step of the creative process,

while the remaining 31% voted deciding when to be done the most difficult.

i find learning about other peoples' creative process to be so interesting!

in an upcoming blog post about avoiding burnout while still being a boss, i'll be sharing some more creative advice from some lovely humans. so stay tuned for that.

// xx

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