November 12, 2020

catching up

hey. it's been awhile. a lot has happened since i've last checked in to my little corner of the internet. 2020 has been kind of insane? but i'm happy to be here and i'm happy you're here, too. 

i wanted to update y'all on what i've been up to while i've been m.i.a. 


i'm a published illustrator! you can check our book, The Magic Beet, here. if you're interested in a signed copy, email me at at stay tuned for some super fun Magic Beet merch coming soon!

i hosted Adobe's Adobe Awards livestream - which was an absolute blast! i got to talk about my book, self publishing, prioritizing... all the fun, creative stuff. if you didn't get to catch the conversation live, you can watch the igtv replay here.

it's pet portrait season! pet portraits make great gifts, and we make great pet portraits. i am still accepting commissions for the 2020 holiday season. you can order one here, or message me directly.

kasey makes stuff, LLC is now on facebook, linkedin, and creatively. (& as always, you can find us on instagram, twitter, & pinterest.) let's connect! /@kaseymakesstuff

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