hi, i'm kasey.

and i like to make stuff.

i'm a multi-faceted, pennsylvania-based creative with a passion for art, design, illustration, and blogging. and i'm so glad that you're here!

i am the founder of kasey makes stuff, llc a creative company that provides artistic products and services. we provide freelance art and design, including graphic & web design and illustration. we also have an online / pop-up shop where we sell handmade goods & gifts including art, accessories, and more. find our online shop here and our fair/market schedule here.

i’ve had a passion for creating since early childhood. today, i do both traditional and digital work. i enjoy drawing, painting, collage & mixed media, and 3d/sculptural work. i enjoy working in various mediums. on the digital side of things, i love graphic, web, and illustration design. i also enjoy reading, making music, writing, and journaling.

anyways, i decided to create this blog as a way to document my creative journey. a place to share ideas, projects, progress, procrastination. welcome to my corner of the internet. feel free to lurk as long as you'd like.

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